Water Works

The Water Department of Jhargram Municipality is primarily responsible for providing the adequate water service throughout the city of Jhargram so that people from all corner under this Municipality never have to suffer and spend the life with smooth ease. the Municipal Authority has a keen care all the time.

General information regarding Water House Connection:
1. Minimum Tax Must be Rs. 58/- Quarterly.
2. House Connection Form is available from Cash Department.
3. Clearance of up to date Tax receipt's Photocopy must be produced with the Connection Form.
4. One declaration letter must be produced with the said Form stating that there will be no objection regarding Tax as fixed.
5. Both in the Form & Declaration must be signed by the respective Ward Councillor.

House Connection Charges:
1. House Connection Fee: Rs. 1540.00
2. Inspection Fee: Rs. 220.00
3. Main Pipe line damarage Charge: Rs. 110.00
Total Rs. 1870.00

Road restoration charge extra as the nature of Road (Pitch, Concrete, Kancha etc.) will be borne by the applicant.
Work is to be done by the Municipal Enlisted Contractors as per municipal accepted rate.

The normal procedure till date for replacement of Water tap and the Cleaning of Feruls are:
1. Registered only after checking all papers upon the receipt of application.
2. All papers are submitted to the Chairman Council for signing.
3. Then they are produced to the Chairman for his/her permission.
4. All those papers are completed in the presence of the employees of the Municipality.

The following are the procedure to repair the tube-well and taps:
1. Upon receiving any complain that will be registered.
2. Measure is taken as soon as possible.

NB. The work is done within 7 days.

For cleaning the pipe line and repairing the lickage the following is the procedure:
1. Upon receiving any complain that will be registered.
2. Notesheet is prepared and submitted to the Chairman. Upon his/her permission the work is done quickly by following the required protocols.

For new water connection the following is the procedure:
1. Invoice of tax submitted till date.
2. Application.
3. Opinion of the Councillor of the ward.